The perfect London pad. 

Two flats adjacent to each other were bought by the same owner to create a large lateral family apartment. The challenges of incorporating the two properties into an open plan space involved removing part of the roof structure and installation of additional steel beams to utilise the loft area. A double mezzanine created a second floor to the flat which allowed for a home office on one side and a dedicated storage space on the other. An extensive and complicated project, at completion this feat of engineering and architecture was complimented by a whole series of studio designed pieces furniture, fixtures and finishes unavailable elsewhere.


Sitting atop a classic Kensington apartment block the owner was already living in the building when the neighbouring flat became available for sale. An opportunity presented itself to create an extensive family home in a vast lateral space. The perfect London pad.


What followed was an involved and complicated engineering project that saw the removal of a large part of the building’s roof. Working with the owners of the block’s other properties through sometimes fraught and challenging party wall negotiations the roof was successfully taken down and rebuilt with a newly directed steel structure that would allow for changes to happen below, before its external envelope was reinstated exactly as it had been.


With this stage of the project completed on time, the next step was to install a mezzanine level creating a second floor for the flat below. With the two sides of the mezzanine accessed independently by hand crafted studio designed staircases, this generated an opportunity for a private home office space on one side and a dedicated storage space on the other.


A real showcase for Cubic’s ability to turn their hands to the creation of complete interior designed spaces, the property was a sampling ground for new specialist wall finishes, bespoke flooring and staircases and window casements. Over 90% of the cabinetry and bespoke storage solutions were designed in-house by the design team including entertainment unit, living room shelves and hallway storage.



An all team project that required round the clock management.