Every company has its own project that it remembers for the difficulties and challenges that were presented. For Cubic, this property in an historic mansion block in a smart Hampstead neighbourhood tested the professional skills of an entire team of people to reimagine a five-bedroom property made up of a warren of small poorly placed rooms as a luxurious four bedroom family residence with far reaching views over the Heath. 


Last refurbished sometime in the late 1940’s this purpose-built family mansion flat in an established Hampstead block occupied one quarter of the building enjoying the best views of the Heath. A typical rabbit warren of small unfocused rooms, the new owners loved the location but wanted a more modern and contemporary home with greater lateral entertaining space and a better flow of light.


Removing internal walls to open up the space, Cubic removed one of the original bedrooms to redraw the blueprint of the property with four bedroom suites, an open plan living and dining area, a state of the art kitchen and a music room. Siting the stairs to one side of the property and fully utilising the angular elevations dictated by the roof to create hidden bathrooms, clever storage and quiet corners, a glass walled corridor overlooks the living area where recessed leather window seats afford a place to enjoy the view. A dual aspect fireplace was located at the centre of the space. Underlit with LED light, bespoke vanity units were created from boat decking to Cubic’s design while multi-media positioned throughout the flat, allowed for morning TV in the bath. An understated palette of greys and white, warmed with natural wood and sleek black polished plaster walls completed the transformation.