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In 2009 Quinton Gilbertson started Cubic as a design practice. Within a couple of years and thanks to the help and expertise of a new business partner, Quinton Schönknecht, the company evolved to offer architecture and construction services. Eventually Cubic grew into a collective of consummate professionals whose expertise in acquisition, architecture, engineering, construction and interior design enabled complete management of all aspects of projects from start to finish, under one roof providing seamless service for investors and owner occupiers.


For over ten years our design and construction teams have transformed period houses and former industrial spaces into distinctive places to live. Many classic Cubic elements were designed and manufactured by us to give truly unique bespoke finishes, fixtures and furniture, thoughtfully curated spatial arrangements, ingenious storage solutions, and captivating lighting concepts. Our own signature elements consistently imbued our creations with unparalleled character, resulting in extraordinary homes that stand apart from the rest.

At the end of 2022 we made the heartfelt decision to conclude our journey with Cubic and explore new horizons. This page serves as a tribute to the remarkable projects we've had the privilege to undertake and the unwavering dedication of our team, without whom none of our accomplishments would have been possible.

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