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Cubic was established in 2007. We are a multi-disciplinary team with residential properties at the very heart of what we do.  Responding to the challenging environment that we live in, we believe that interesting and well thought out architecture and design can be an antidote to everyday life as well as a direct portrayal of our clients.  

Our buildings and their interiors will challenge what you thought a property could achieve. We have a scrupulous approach to detail and if we cannot source what we want, we create it ourselves. In previous projects we have developed specialist finishes and fixtures, designed furniture and storage solutions and written our own script for structural and decorative detailing. Only by doing this can we present a completely bespoke environment.

Our team has applied an alternative architectural translation to classic period houses, converted former industrial spaces into places to live and designed extraordinary individual homes. We work in London, the country and overseas.

Our Team



It's time to shape up or ship out. You need more space, more light, less walls, less garden or more floors. Your home needs to look and feel very different and the only way to achieve this is to start from scratch. The architecture, engineering and construction teams at Cubic will work with the design team to radically recreate your property, helping you to relocate whilst work takes place to deliver an unrivalled and truly individual new home. 


The relationship with your old home is over and you're moving on. Cubic has developed a reputation for sourcing properties in great locations and then challenging the living environment that they offer. With detailed consideration given to the development of bespoke spaces, lighting, joinery and decorative finishes, this will be an incredibly personal experience where the client will have a hand in every part of the decision making process. 


The location of your home is right but your needs have changed, your family has grown or perhaps you just want something radically different. Cubic can consider how you live in your property, how the space can work better and how its look and feel can be adapted to reflect this stage in your life. The architecture and design teams at Cubic can create a complete transformation of your home by making a few significant changes and addressing its decorative look and feel.  

We like to show the complete capability of every property that we see and work with our clients to unravel potential, recharging an existing interior, overhauling current architecture or starting from the beginning with a brand new blueprint, offer Cubic’s services in four different lifestyle directions.



Quinton Gilbertson


Quinton Schonknecht


A tale of two Quintons, Cubic became what it is today through the chance meeting of architects Quinton Gilbertson and Quinton Schonknecht. Now almost a decade later, the team is a collective of consummate professionals whose expertise in acquisition, architecture, engineering, construction and design enables Cubic to completely manage all aspects of its projects from start to finish, under one roof.

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