Redevelopment of an iconic building on the corner of Tavistock and All Saints Roads.


On a street immortalised by BritPop, this property was an old city boarding house for girls, accommodation that was popular after WWII. The street frontage was a traditional sweet shop with the entrance to the building located on Tavistock Road. The client engaged Cubic to redevelop the building and create apartments. Cubic developed up into the roof creating a new Mansard pitch for greater height. The former basement vaults were also incorporated into the build programme giving five floors of space to work with. Cubic applied its own interpretation with one one-bedroom flat, one three-bedroom flat and a generous slip level two-bedroom apartment all benefitting from a new gated entrance now located on  All Saints Road offering the better address.


All Saints Road has history. Once at the centre of Peter Rachman’s notorious property empire and the frontline of the Notting Hill riots, in recent years it’s been an epicentre for the famous Notting Hill Carnival, a location for incubator shops for some of the High Street’s most established brands, a much photographed street that has seen fashion, music and media claim it as their own and the namesake for an all girls band. A reinvented neighbourhood street of shops, flats and houses. Developed site was once a boarding house for single ladies in post war London. A local sweet shop at ground floor level with storage to the rear and an entrance to the flat above, the building also had a significant cellar used extensively when it was a butcher’s shop.


The building presented a challenge for Cubic who had been appointed to turn this mixed use building into three apartments. With no opportunity to extend out, space was created with the addition of a large mansard roof and the complete integration of the lower ground floor cellars which combined to provide additional space at the lower ground floor level. Throughout the three properties a natural palette of wood, steel and glass was used. All of the apartments benefit from open-plan kitchen-living areas.


The top floor is taken up entirely by cleverly laid out one-bedroom apartment. Below, a spacious two-bed apartment spans over the first and second floors and features an impressive glass staircase and a bespoke illuminated kitchen/bar. Lastly the remaining two floors have been designed as a tree-bedroom flat with a living area occupying a voluminous high-ceiling ground level and the bedrooms located at the lower ground. The bathrooms of this cool duplex benefit from the warm glow of copper which was used in showers, baths, surface mounted plumbing and an impressive  bespoke master bathroom basin.