The story of Cubic is the tale of two Quintons. Architectural designer Quinton Gilbertson met engineer Quinton Schonknecht when their paths crossed in previous construction employment. Together they had a shared vision for a unique design response, embracing a love of raw materials and industrial design with the professionalism and pragmatism of their training and experience. Architecture, engineering, development, construction and design experience forms the heart of this multi-disciplinary team providing seamless service for clients.


After ten years, Cubic Studios is a collective of consummate professionals whose expertise in acquisition, architecture, engineering, construction and design enables complete management of all aspects of projects from start to finish, under one roof.


We have a vision for the delivery of truly bespoke homes and believe that there is merit in challenging the standard responses to building through our designs, details and materials that work together and are carefully delivered by our construction team.

Quinton Gilbertson


Quinton Schönknecht





Cubic was established to offer architecture, construction and interior design under one roof providing seamless service for investors and owner occupiers. We are experts in designing and delivering carefully detailed buildings and believe that meticulous design adds to the joy of everyday life whist maximizing the value of property.


We have an adventurous and exacting approach to detail as we don’t follow design clichés rolling out interiors that you would find anywhere else. Many classic Cubic elements are designed and manufactured by us to give truly unique bespoke finishes and fixtures, resolutions for furniture, spatial arrangements, storage and lighting. With our own signature elements not seen anywhere else we deliver extraordinary individual homes.


For over ten years our design and construction team has transformed period houses and former industrial spaces into distinctive places to live.


We work with our clients to unravel potential from a light tough, through refurbishment, to property finding and development.



If you want to radically alter your home you may choose to start from scratch. The architecture, engineering and construction teams at Cubic will work with the design team to radically recreate your property, helping you to relocate whilst work takes place to deliver an unrivalled and truly individual new home. 


Cubic has developed a reputation for sourcing properties in great locations and then pushing the living environment that they offer through adventurous design and planning to deliver homes crafted to that exact place. The client has a hand in every part of the decision making process from location to planning, building form to spatial arrangement, materials to details. 


A few carefully chosen significant changes whilst addressing the decorative look can radically alter your current home. This is useful if your location and home are perfect but the way that you live in your house has altered. Cubic will help you reconsider how you live in your property and deliver solutions.